Thursday, March 15, 2012

Camilla Pentti

Camilla Pentti is another artist/illustrator/designer from Finland.
Her work includes illustration and graphic design, as well as patterns... I just love her way with compositions, her eye for the natural world, the loose and vivid splashes of colour, and the linework:  sensitively rendered yet with great freedom too.
She has also done illustrated books, and recently won the Rudolf Koivu award for her book "Lehmä jonku kiljessä oli luukku". I would love to see a translation!!

Born in 1979, Camilla studied graphic design at the University of Art and Design at Helsinki, where she still lives and works.  She has even been involved in a collaboration with Napa, the fantastic Finnish gallery/publisher/agent/shop. An illustrated map created by Camilla is due out in about a month!

For her, "Working is best when it feels like play — when the joy of inventing and discovering something new is there."
Amen to that — and thank you, Camilla!!

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