Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alzbeta Skálová

I have just discovered the work of Czech illustrator Alzbeta Skálová.  She does, among other things, wonderful children's books, which are published by Baobab Books.

She studied art film and illustration at the University of Prague, also doing a year in both Paris and Baltimore.  She's won many prizes for her illustrated books since beginning her career.

This one, in watercolour and gouache, is from Back to Africa (Baobab Books, 2005)— a book  I recently bought about animals from the Prague Zoo who escape and return to Africa.

(2009 book cover for Albatros, the legendary Czech children's book publisher and one of the founding members of the Bologna Book Fair)

She does some design on the side too— very appealing children's room items! For Sofistick.
Alzbeta is also a member of Koprbooks — an illustrator's collective in which many good artists participate.  Definitely one to watch!

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